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North Glilot Employment Center

Gadish received an important role in the project of the North Glilot Employment Center project which would cover an area of more than 700 dunams and is planned for knowledge-intensive and commerce office buildings. The project is located north of Herzliya’s Cinema City between Road 2 to the west and the Ayalon Highway to the east.

The project includes about 2.0 kilometers of internal two-lane roads, several roundabouts, “wet” infrastructures of drainage, water and sewage, streetlights and landscape development including bike lanes, an irrigation system and gardening.

  • Service: Planning management, control and ultimate supervision
  • Customer: Ramat HaSharon Municipality
  • Financial Scope: NIS 150 million
  • Status: In planning
  • Years: 2021-2025
  • City: Ramat Hasharon

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