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The leading team in project management

In the Gadish Group you will find a supportive work environment, personal guidance and professional development by the best engineers in the country
You can fulfill your personal potential  while working in a warm, embracing family atmosphere


“For me, Gadish is a home and a space for constant development and growth. Over the past year and a half, I managed the planning stages of incredibly diverse projects in Eilat – a city that is experiencing meaningful growth. The projects I am involved in include the evacuated airport project, and the development of new neighborhoods, a sport campus, and a center for marine agriculture. The wide assortment of projects contributes to my professional development, and for that I am grateful.”

Yarden Zioni
Project Manager

Gadish is home. It is a warm and loving” family. It is a sense of security and belonging”

Meital Twito Yosef
Salary Accountant

“To me, Gadish is the entry gate into the world of engineering and management. Gadish provides a precise umbrella that combines work with personal development and care for individuals as if they were family members. With Gadish, you can dive into deeper waters while enjoying professional guidance that allows you to develop at your own pace”

Orel Hakshur
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