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The Group is very familiar with Jerusalem and the challenges of working in the city, and executes its operations in a professional manner and with maximum availability, while adhering to schedule.

Zohar Zoller
CEO, Jerusalem Transport Team Master Plan

Gadish Group displays a commitment to a common fate, and a deep understanding of the challenge and its complexities. This is demonstrated first and foremost via a local professional staff member who is dedicated to the client. The company is experienced, employs an experienced staff, and has widespread ties with the authorities. We benefit from the highest level of professionalism and service quality.

Avi Cohen
CEO, Eilat Economic Corporation

As a construction management company for the Ministry of Economy, Gadish Group leads the planning and development of approx. 50 industrial zones throughout Israel, in the northern, central and southern regions. In the areas that are under its responsibility, the company conducts itself with professionalism and responds to Ministry authorities with high availability.

Ran Kiviti
the Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, the Ministry of Economy and Industry

Gadish Group and the professional management team that works with us collaborate fully with the Master Plan team for Transportation and with additional authorities that work for the Master Plan. The team upholds professional standards and complies with the scheduling required by the planning and implementation tenders. I applaud Gadish Group’s work organization and management, and the professional level of the engineering team that works with us.

Eng. Zion Matalon
Planning Department Manager, Jerusalem Transport Team Master Plan

חברת גדיש באמצעות מנהליה בשכונת הפארק , מבצעת את עבודתה באיכות מצוינת, ברמה מקצועית גבוהה, הבנת הפרויקט והובלתו, רמת שירות מעולה, אכפתיות ולא פחות חשוב נאמנות לפרויקט ויכולת לרתום את כל הגורמים השותפים לשיתוף פעולה פורה ויחסי עבודה תקינים ונעימים. ממליץ מאוד על עבודה עם חברת גדיש.

דודי ליפשיץ
ראש מערך הבניה הציבורית, עיריית באר שבע

In its role as the management company for the Ministry of Economy and Industry, Gadish Group develops industrial zones and responds to Ministry requests, entrepreneur needs and issues in the field with quickness and professionalism.

Moshe Czeisler
Infrastructure and Budget Field Manager, Industrial Zones Administration, Ministry of Economy and Industry

The project management company (Ofnidan) is the professional authority in charge of planning auditing, licensing processes, performance auditing and contract and invoice management. I would like to express my appreciation and recommend Gadish to all.

Amir Shawah
Responsible Manager, Division C Engineering, Alayon Highway

The team assembled by Gadish Group in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense responded to the client’s structural, system and electrical engineering requirements. As such, I would like to express my appreciation of the service and cooperation delivered by Gadish Group and its on-site team. I thereby recommend them to additional authorities.

Eli Goldman
Senior Project Manager, the Ministry of Defense

The management of an urban project, including infrastructures, asphalt, earthworks, bridges, landscaping, traffic arrangements, underground systems, collaborations with infrastructure entities, lighting, signposting and more – was conducted with professionalism and high-level service to our satisfaction. I would like to express my appreciation and recommend Gadish Group to all.

Tuvia Zavarchik
In Charge of Transportation Infrastructure Implementation, the Jerusalem Municipality
קבוצת גדיש מזמינה נותני שירות מקצועיים להירשם למאגר היועצים.
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