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Shahamon 2 Neighborhood – Eilat

Gadish was chosen to take an important role in the project for building a residential neighborhood in the area between Nahal Shahamon in the north and Quarter 6 in the south, on the eastern area of Eilat’s southern beach strip. Quarter 2 is part of the Shahamon neighborhood, where 460 apartments are planned.

Construction in the neighborhood was planned while taking its special topography into account, with two deep valleys that cut into its area with three extensions between them.

The valleys area would become a park that would slope towards the beach (Dekel Beach and HaHashmal Beach). The works include earthworks, subterranean infrastructures, roads, open public spaces and final development for population.

  • Service: Planning management, execution management and supervision
  • Customer: Eilat Economic Company
  • Financial Scope: about 100 million Nis
  • Status: In execution
  • City: Eilat
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