The “HaPark” Neighborhood in Be’er Sheva

Gadish was chosen to participate in the establishment of a new residential neighborhood which is located on the Nahal Be’er Sheva Park, at the city’s southern edge, and includes about 4,000 residential apartments. The area of the plan is about 1,150 dunams. The HaPark neighborhood is a new residential neighborhood which is being built by the Ministry of Housing and the Be’er Sheva Economic Company

:The neighborhood is located near two major transport arteries

Road 25, which crosses the city and connects it from the west towards Netivot and Ashkelon, and from the east towards Dimona, and Road 40, a bypass road towards Tel Aviv. At the center of the neighborhood, a central city plaza is proposed, which would constitute a meeting point and around it public buildings, commercial facades and diverse urban activity would be developed

A linear open public space, “Park HaArutz”, is planned along the neighborhood, and would weave its various parts together: residential buildings, public buildings, commerce and pedestrian routes, from the entrance to the neighborhood in Yigal Alon St. and up to the Nahal Be’er Sheva Park. The neighborhood was planned as a neighborhood for pedestrians, cyclists and public transit

  • Service: Execution management and supervision
  • Customer: The Be'er Sheva Economic Company
  • Financial Scope: about NIS 500 million
  • Status: In execution
  • Years: 2019 - 2024
  • City: Be'er Sheva
  • Area: 1,150 Dunams

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