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The Southern Neighborhoods – Meitar

Gadish was chosen to plan the expansion of the settlement through the development of 1,077 dunams of land into residential areas. The residential neighborhood would include 816 housing units, divided into two main complexes that would be separated by the streams of Nahal Hebron and a forest, commerce areas, structures, public institutes and open public spaces.

The planning included: coordination with the KKL and the planning institute on the topic of removing the forest area from Tama 22 and locating an alternative area, drafting appendices for canceling the existing sewage treatment facility and coordinating with the Ministry of Health to reach an alternative end solution, canceling an approved plan for a waste disposal site, responding to the objections which were filed to the plan and presenting them in the discussions of the objections sub-committee

  • Service: Planning company
  • Customer: Israel Lands Authority
  • Project Execution Cost Estimate: NIS 500 million
  • Status: Completed
  • Years: 2015-2019
  • City: Meitar

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