The Lohamei Sinai Project in Ramat Gan

The Lohamei Sinai project in Ramat Gan is an urban renewal project where Gadish is the developer and the project manager. The building is located in a corner lot with a first-class strategic location, that connects the streets of Lohamei Sinai and Moriah in Ramat Gan.

The building is attractively and strategically located at the heart of Ramat Gan, with a convenient access to major transport arteries and proximity to commerce and entertainment areas. The building is characterized by a modern and attentive design in every apartment, each apartment has a balcony that overlooks green landscapes and areas, a spectacular view that provides a sense of homeliness alongside luxury.

  • Service: Initiation
  • Customer: Gadish Group
  • Status: In planning
  • Years: 2017-2024

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