Urban Master Plan Management

Be’er Ganim

Gadish was chosen to participate in building Be’er Ganim, a new settlement which was built by the Ministry of Housing for residents who were evicted during the Disengagement from Gaza in the summer of 2005. The settlement is located north of Ashkelon. The settlement was designed in 13 clusters with a total of 1,000 lots, with day care centers, synagogues and youth clubs at the center of each cluster. Shared public buildings, such as the culture center, sports hall and school, are located at the center of the entire settlement.

  • Service: Statutory management, planning management, execution management and supervision
  • Customer: The Ministry of Housing
  • Financial Scope: About NIS 600 million
  • Status: Completed
  • Years: 2008-2014
  • City: Be'er Ganim