A Planning and Management Company

The Alon Tavor Industrial Zone

Gadish was chosen to be the managing company on behalf of the Ministry of Economics to develop about 50 industrial zones in northern Israel, including the planning management for zoning plans, detailed planning execution and execution management.

Main Operations in the Alon Tavor Industrial Zone:

Completing the stabilization of the slope of Carmel Wineries, completing the landscape development in the existing/populated area, pre-development works in Expansion A, zoning planning for Expansion B, zoning planning: pretreatment reservoirs, sewage pumping station, open public spaces and a water pool).

  • Service: Managing Company
  • Customer: The Ministry of Economics
  • Financial Scope: About NIS 120 million
  • Status: In execution
  • Years: Since 2006
  • City: Emek Jezreel Regional Council

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