Urban Master Plan Management

Evacuated Airport in Eilat

Gadish was chosen to conduct the planning management and execution management for the rebuilding of neighborhood and hotels in the area of the defunct old airport of Eilat, 277 dunams. The project would include: Infrastructure works, systems and development in the temporary use area of the old airport of Eilat. Building a neighborhood and hotels on the area of the airport, earthworks, underground works, road paving, public open spaces, relocating systems, rerouting existing roads, working with external infrastructures providers (IEC, The Antiquities Authority, Mekorot, Hot, Cellcom, Bezek and more).

  • Service: Planning and execution management and supervision
  • Customer: The Eilat Economic Company
  • Financial Scope: NIS 190 million
  • Status: In execution
  • Years: 2019-2024
  • City: Eilat