Urban Master Plan Management

Shoket Junction

The project of the employment area in the Shoket Junction, where Gadish was chosen to be the planning company for the Israel Lands Authority, including the preparation and approval of a master plan, a basis for the planning of the four quarters of Shoket Junction, on an area of 4,150 dunams, for the construction of an employment and leisure center with an importance and an affinity to the metropole area.

A zoning plan for the eastern quarter of Shoket Junction which includes 1,730 dunams. Most of the area is intended for industry, commerce, public institutes, sports and leisure and hotels.

In the framework of the planning, solutions were created for access from national roads, facilitation and planning of the infrastructures system, preparing an architectural programme and simultaneously establishing a joint administration for 4 authorities – Lakia, Hora, Bnei Shimon and Meitar.

  • Service: Planning Company
  • Customer: Israel Lands Authority
  • Cost Estimate: NIS 250 million
  • Status: In the plan depositing discussions
  • Years: 2018-2028
  • City: Meitar